Madrasha Board Dakhil Routine 2016

Bangladesh Madrasha Education Board is one of the most important Educational Board which is responsible for control and develop all madrasha educational institute of Dhakil and Alim level. The Board is also responsible for Dhakil and Alim examination. Dhakil is SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and Alim is HSC (Higher School Certificate) level examination. The board is working all over the country for Madrasha Education under Ministry of Education.

Dakhil and Alim examination take SSC and HSC examination respectively and result also publishes same day. However Madrasha Education Board is taking and observing both Dakhil and Alim examination over all.

Dakhil Exam 2016 will be taken by Madrasha Education Board with SSC examination 2016. The examination will starts  February 1, 2016. The examination routine already published by Bangladesh Madrasha Education Board:


SSC Exam 2016 Routine


 Dakhil Exam 2016 Routine


 Madrasha Education Board

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