Special Cheap Rate Mobile Internet Package

In daily life internet is a essential thing now. With our mobile device, we can access now very easily. So mobile network company is giving small and special package for our easy usages with very cheap rate. We can buy those small, easy and cheap special internet package with very easy way. Some time some mobile company offering some internet package totally FREE.

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Color Your Facebook Profile Photo with Victory

16th December is the most important day of your life. This is the victory of the nation. Celebration of this day is huge different from other special days. We hang our red and green flag everywhere. This red and green color is our symbol, this is our flag. It is in our heart, it is on our face.

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iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Apple iPhone is most popular cell phone in the United States and as well as in Bangladesh. Also it is very popular in all over the worlds. This is the best seller phone so far. In different version of the phone 6 is the latest series. Current 6s and 6s Plus is the latest one.

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Mobile IMEI Registration Starts in April

After the mobile SIM registration, government will start registering IMEI/International Mobile Equipment Identity number. Tarana Halim, the state minister of the Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministry division under the Government of Bangladesh has said in a meeting about "Mobile Devices and its rule in National Security" on Saterday, 21st November. She also informed that last part of April in the next year, this registration process will starts.

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Turn Off Video Auto Play of Facebook Timeline

Before Facebook only would play when you click on the video. Now a days all uploaded video of friends or liked page auto play on timeline. For this auto play, people are uploading more video and uploaded video is auto playing on time line which is disgusting to some of us.

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