74th Prize Bond Draw Result of Bangladesh Bank

Bangladesh Bank 100tk value 74th prize bond draw has been published held on 2nd February 2014/20th Magh 1420. The prize bond result is now available here. Mentioned numbers are for all 39 series. The draw has been held by Presidency of Aditional Commesioner of Dhaka Division Mr. Sourendro Nath Chocroborty.


  • 1st prize: 6,00,000/- (for all series, total 39X1=39 prizes)
  • 2nd prize: 3,25,000/- (for all series, total 39X1=39 prizes)
  • 3rd prize: 1,00,000/- (for all series, total 39X2=78 prizes)
  • 4th prize: 50,000/- (for all series total 39X2=78 prizes)
  • 5th prize: 10,000/- (for all series total 39X40=1560 prizes)

Total prize of 74th prize bond are 1798, each series has 46 prizes.

  • 1st Prize: Tk. 6,00,000/- for number: 0770632
  • 2nd Prize: Tk. 3,25,000/- for number: 0071166
  • 3rd Prize: Tk. 1,00,000/- for numbers: 0933231 and 0953989
  • 4th Prize: Tk. 50,000/- for numbers: 0015387 and 0057972
  • 5th Prize lucky number and other details are given here:


 74th draw Prize Bond


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