Technical Board SSC Vocational Routine 2016

Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) is established to develop the technical and vocational education. In the modern age technical education is most important. For this reason in 1960 the Directorte of Technical Education statred. After that in 1967 it has been named "The East Pakistan Technical Education Board" with a broad responsibility. Now it is Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) to develop the technical and vocational education in Bangladesh.

Now the Technical Education Board is working with a large courses and area.Mainly it observe and develop diploma education, vocational, Different Trades, Diploma in Commerce, SSC Vocational and HSC Vocational.


The board will take (SSC) Secondary School Certificate Vocational Diploma in Business Studies (DIBS) and Higher School Certificate (HSC) Vocational examination on February 2016. Recently the board has published SSC Vocational routine which you can download it from here.

 Download Technical Education Board SSC Routine 2016

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